Adoptions Are Idenitity Theft and Attack On The Family Unit

The specific way that adoptions are carried out is identity theft and is an attack on the family unit. When a child is adopted, many facts on their birth certificate are altered. In many states, it is very difficult for adoptees to get their original birth certificate or to find out information about their families of origin. This is a topic very personal to me and information I’ve uncovered has startled me. I was removed from my parents as an infant, lingered in the foster care system for approximately a year and then was adopted. I will link to another article about my own story being adopted when that is ready but it I will say that my experience was far from pleasant. 

This video is not an attack on children being raised by a family other than their own. Sometimes children are truly abused, abandoned, parents may be unable to provide, choose to give a child up rather than abort, or parents may die. There are circumstances that warrant children being raised by other people. However, I do not believe that children should be taken from their family for the mere sake of giving them to other people that want children. This is exactly what is happening today.

Adoption Statistics: Voluntary Adoption By Parents Vs. Foster Care Adoptions Vs. International Adoptions

According to, 428,000 in foster care. How many children are adopted per year? About 135,000 children are adopted in the United States each year. Of non-stepparent adoptions, about 59% are from the child welfare (or foster) system, 26% are from other countries, and 15% are voluntarily relinquished American babies.

This goes to show that most adoptions are not due to parents giving their children up.

My Observation, Research, and Experience With Adoption - Rebutting The False Public Image

As an adoptee myself, I’m a member of many adoptee groups and forums and contrary to the public image promoted, adoption comes with serious consequences to both adoptive parents and especially to the children, who did not have a choice. A high percentage of adoptees develop mental health problems, substance abuse problems, leave home at an early age, and struggle with identity, trust, and relationships throughout their life.

While some adoptees have healthy relationships with their adoptive family, many do not and I have noticed that it is very common for adoptive parents to shame the adoptee for wanting to find their family. This inner need to find ones roots should never be shamed. It is an individual’s right to know their family. Adopted children already have the burden of trauma and then they are placed in a home full of strangers, where they then have the burden to make this family happy.  

Disturbing Intent By Government To Corrupt Society and Profit On Our Children

Government-sponsored studies have clearly shown the issues that most adopted children develop. They are well-aware of the damage done. Government is literally taking children for profit and to destroy society. There are orders for specific children, demands for children with certain physical characteristics, and the parents are often low-income, making it hard for them to defend themselves in court. Most children are not abused when they are taken from their family. A very small percent of parents who have their children taken are charged with a crime and child abuse is a crime, not a civil matter.

Child welfare agencies are deceiving the masses by alleging that they are too short-staffed and underpaid to get to all the children being abused. This is pure deception. The reason child welfare agencies are not rescuing most children who are truly abused is the simple fact that abused children are not adoptable; they are of no value and children are considered a commodity by government. The abuse typically begins after a child is removed from their family.

The Fraud and Identity Theft With Amended Birth Certificates

The above is only the half of the dilemma with adoption. When children are adopted, there is an amended birth certificate created to replace the original birth certificate. This is where the government is really doing a disservice to children. The amended birth certificate may not seem like a big deal to some of you. But, it is a very big problem and I will explain why.

When a child is adopted, a similar, but different, birth certificate form is used for the amended birth certificate. It appears the same in every way, except for a few details. Some medical information is included, such as birth date, time, place, single or twin or triplet birth, and name of hospital. Additional information regarding the mother and newborn are not included because this woman did not give birth nor was this re-named child actually born. This child was created upon the finalization of adoption, but that fact is not indicated anywhere on this document. Some States allow adopters to change the location and date of birth as well. There is no line for the attending physician’s signature because this “birth” never took place.

The Counterfeit and Authorization To Falsify Birth Facts

When the State Director of Vital Statistics in the State capital creates a birth certificate by swapping in the information from the final court order of adoption, she or he then signs it, and affixes the State’s raised seal, certifying false facts as true. The State Director of Vital Statistics is authorized to lie. If anyone else gives false information on a government form, that is perjury. This amended birth certificate is a counterfeit and a fraud.

There are no hospital records of this “birth” because it did not happen. This father did not sire the child on the birth certificate. The only document that documents this truth is the court order of adoption. The name on the amended birth certificate was not born; it was created when legally adopted.

Many states make it very difficult for children to later gain access to their original birth certificate. In Texas, adoptees may order a non-certified copy of their original birth certificate but only if they know the parents’ names on that certificate.

Adoption is designed to be secretive. It is identity theft at every level.

Adoptees Unable To Get a Passport

Adoptees also face challenges when applying for a passport. Post 911, when an individual applies for a passport, it is required that the birth certificate be filed within one year of birth with the registrar. Most amended birth certificates are not filed within one year of birth. Typically, this is due to the long adoption process and often due to a child’s age at the time of adoption. Could this also be because the individual on the amended birth certificate was not born alive? Could this be due to the fact that amended birth certificates are nothing more than a counterfeit and fraudulent document?

Because the amended birth certificate is not considered valid proof of US citizenship, often the passport authorities will tell an adoptee to file for their original birth certificate. Yet, the majority of adult adopted citizens in the USA are still legally denied access to their original birth certificate due to archaic sealed records laws.

Why The Fraud When Placing Children With a Family When There Are Other Ways?

If the government is looking out for the best interest of children and want to place them in a good home, why do they not just do a simple name change and create a guardianship? Why are they completely altering birth facts and concealing important medical information? Why all of the secrecy when adoptees come of age and want to know the truth?

There are ways to ensure children can inherit from a family and ways to establish legal ties without changing their entire identity to be a fiction. Why is the child’s entire identity stolen and replaced? And why are adoptees given such a hard time when they simply want to know where they came from and perhaps even go back to their families?

An Adopted Individual's Right To Reclaim Their Name and Native Status

Adoptees have the right to reject the adoption because the entire adoption is a fraud that creates a fiction by creating a new name. There are laws in some states that allow any party to petition the court to terminate or annul the adoption. Aside from this, a simple DNA test would prove that the adoptive mother and father are not the actual parents. DNA is admissible in court. The most the Court could confirm as fact would be to say that the adoptive parents raised the individual that was adopted. But, they cannot order it to be a fact that the adoptive parents are the parents. I am realizing that I don't need the court's permission to firmly state that the adoptive family is not my family. The adoption courts are wholly corrupt and fraudulent. Demanding their permission to recognize their own fraud could be absolutely pointless but I am going to petition to annul the adoption. If they deny this petition, I will continue to deny any and all familial and legal ties because the adoption is void on its face for fraud.

There is No Warning Against Knowingly Making a False Statement On The Amended Birth Certificate

I have discovered some interesting things when comparing my daughter’s long form birth certificate with my amended long form birth certificate. Here, I’ve blotted out some private details, but I’ll show you something that is a bit scary.


On my amended birth certificate, upper and lowercase English is used, not the dog-latin all capital letters, and there is no name of attending physician or hospital. On my daughter’s birth certificate, they’ve used all caps. On my amended birth certificate, the name of the hospital is not listed. On my daughter’s birth certificate, the name of the hospital is listed, along with the attending physician and a certifier. What’s most alarming is that on my daughter’s birth certificate, in fine print it says “VS-111.2 REV. 01/05 WARNING: THE PENALTY FOR KNOWINGLY MAKING A FALSE STATEMENT IN THIS FORM CAN BE 2-10 YEARS IN PRISON AND A FINE OF UP TO $5,000.” On my amended birth certificate, this statement is nowhere on the form.

birth certificate fraud


Adoption and the alteration of birth certificates is creating mass identity theft. The process is a fraud. There are many groups that are raising their voices in the fight for truth on this issue and against the government’s insistence on secrecy and deception. There has been some success on changing laws to ensure adoptees have access to their original birth certificate but there is still a long way to go. The amended birth certificates are a counterfeit.

Please check out the links listed for more information. If you are one of the millions of adoptees out there, these are some excellent resources. If you are considering adoption, please ensure you do your due diliegence and know what you are getting into.

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