The Adoption Fraud - An Adoptee's Experience

toddlerI was born in Midland, Texas, in 1980. At approximately nine months old, I was stolen from my parents. They did not give me away and they were not convicted of a crime. Therefore, I will call it what it is - stealing. After lingering in the foster care system for almost a year, I was given to adopters. The only good thing I can say about adoption personally is that I have survived it long enough to realize the scam and fraud that adoption is and that I can speak up against adoption.

I have come to realize that adoption is a fallacy. It is an arrangement that creates a fictional family relationship that cannot continue to exist without the coerced belief and participation of the child subjected to adoption. When a child is subjected to adoption, the corrupt judge signs an order saying it’s okay for the adopters and the state registrar to fraudulently alter facts on the birth certificate, including the child’s name, the mother, the father, and the doctor or midwife signature is removed from the entire document. This new birth certificate is a counterfeit and a fraudulent instrument. There is nothing valid or true about it.

Adoption has robbed me of the right to be raised by my mother, to be raised around my family, and the Courts and CPS agency put me into a home with people who had no business raising children, let alone someone else’s child. I was not given a family. I was given to people who exploited me for their own selfish purposes as a child and then used me to feel better about themselves when I got older. I was physically abused, psychologically tormented, and the woman who signed up to play “mom” to me lined pockets to have my daughter adopted to a same sex couple recently. This adopter is the evilest individual I have ever had the misfortune of knowing. She was forced into my life. I certainly did not sign up for being raised by a sociopath. She has gone out of her way to destroy me.

Adoption Statistics:

When discussing how adoption has affected me, I believe it is important to bring up statistics. I can then provide a comparison of my experience with the statistics.

Children subjected to adoption are four times more likely to attempt suicide, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

According to the Institute for Family Studies, adoptees are twice as likely to have had their parents contacted in the last year due to schoolwork problems; three times as likely to have had their parents contacted in the last year due to classroom behavior problems; four times more likely to have repeated a grade; and three times more likely to have been suspended or expelled from school. A 54% majority of adoptive parents reported that a health or education professional had told them that their child had a condition that affected their ability to learn, get along with other children, or engage in physical activities.

According to Arrow Child and Family Ministries, 40-50% of children who have been in foster care will never complete high school. 60% of them will be homeless, go to jail or die within one year of leaving the foster care system at 18. 80 percent of the prison population once was in foster care.

According to many studies, adoptees are more likely to develop substance abuse issues.

I do not recall ever being asked how things were going while living with these adopters. But, when I was 14, the school counselor called CPS after I showed up to school with a swollen cheek after the father adopter had hit me the day before. I did not know until recently that this CPS investigation resulted in a Reason to Believe finding for Physical Abuse. So, I wonder now, why was I left in the home? The mother adopter did something very disturbing after this CPS call and visit that makes for another article entirely. Her actions against me were life-altering.

Comparison between my experience and statistics with additional outcomes

  • I had behavioral problems in school. I felt rejected in school and by the mother adopter at home.
  • By the age of 10, physical abuse started against me mostly by the adopter mother. This progressed over time.
  • By the age of 12, I attempted suicide for the first time of many times, I began smoking and drinking, became sexually active, and I began cutting my arms. In fact, my life was defined by self-destructive behavior for many years. A great deal of this stemmed from psychological abuse by the adopters.
  • By the age of 14, I was put into a psychiatric hospital. Ironically, this happened soon after the CPS call. The adopter mother made up a big story that I did not even know about until I was in my 30s. She told a lie that changed my life. Again, this makes for another article.
  • By the age of 16, I was kicked out of the home and forced to drop out of school as a result.
  • By 17, I caught my first and only felony charge for forging checks. When I was kicked out of the adopters' house, I ended up staying wherever I could and unfortunately, at one point, I became involved in petty crime. By 18, I was in prison for 10 months.
  • By the age of 19, I was a full-blown alcoholic that suffered from DTs regularly. I was admitted to institutions over 30 times due to this alcohol dependency and trauma.
  • By the age of 21, I was in the State Hospital for issues related to the alcohol dependency. I was essentially placed in this hospital because I could not stop drinking. I was not accurately diagnosed until I was 34 years old with PTSD. Before this, doctors really did not have a steady diagnosis. Panic attacks, anxiety, and depression were always the main symptoms.

However, I don't blame the self-destructive behavior on the adoption itself. I blame this on being groomed for many years to hate myself. It took a lot of psychological torture and effort by the adopter, Vicki, to instill in me a sense of self-loathing. I am confident that the abuse alone lended itself to this pattern. The substance abuse and alcoholism could be partially genetic but this too was a learned behavior. 

When children are severely abused, the abuser has a way of convincing the child that they are worthless. It essentially brainwashes the child into not even becoming aware that what is taking place is abuse. Abusers also have a way of triangulating other people in the family against their target through manipulation and smearing the target, which then engages other people in the abuse and smearing. It is a very disgusting cycle. I did not even come to grips with this until I was in my mid to late 30s. Today I am delivered from this abuse cycle, from dependency on alcohol, and from the desire to end my life. The credit goes to Jesus Christ.

Government Eugenics and The Deliberate Destruction of Society

The disturbing thing is that government is fully aware of the consequences of adoption. In most cases, children forcefully removed from their parents are not being abused. Typically, the parents are low income and have minor problems in comparison to the problems created by the separation and adoption. It seems to me that through the institution of adoption, the government is intentionally creating a society of dysfunctional and damaged people. The government is practicing eugenics through the child welfare, foster care, and adoption systems.

Abusive Adopters and The False Public Image

It is not uncommon for adoptees to be given to abusive adopters or to be rejected by the adopters as they get older. But even adopters who mean well are also misled about adoption. They are given a fantasy image of what to expect. The adopters are often lied to about the circumstances for removal of the child from their parents because it is the modus operandi for CPS agencies to falsify the records and allegations. If the child welfare, foster care, and adoption systems were genuinely concerned about the welfare of the child, we would see funds being put into assisting families to improve their circumstances, not destruction of these families. Many lives are destroyed to fatten government officials and to make adoptees superficially happy. The public assumes that adopters are going to provide a bright and happy future for the children they take in. This is a huge misconception.

Adoption in itself gives way to a multitude of lifetime problems for the children and for the family of children. 

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Withdraw from Belief in, Participation in, and Consent to The Fictional Family Relationship

As mentioned earlier, adoptions are nothing but a fraud and an arrangement creating a fictional family relationship. There is nothing true or factual about it and it only exists so long as the one subjected to the adoption believes and participates in the fictional family arrangement. Since realizing this, I have officially stopped using the false name and I have withdrawn my belief, participation, and consent to this arrangement. I know who my family is, and I will not dishonor my mother and father or the Creator by participating any more. Too much authority is given to government. When you realize who your authority comes from, you can stand in truth. - Traci Lashawna Golden

My remedy to being coerced into a fictional family relationship is simple. I opted out. Nobody, including the State, can force anyone to assume a false name or believe in a fiction.

I filed a Declaration of Truth into the Midland County 318th District (adoption) court in June 2020, withdrawing my belief, participation, and consent, and dissolving the relationship. I am not going to plead for them to admit their own fraud. An adoption cannot exist without my consent.


For the sake of keywords, the false name I assumed was Traci Leigh Dillard. My mother is Billie Leigh Denton. My father is David Golden. The adopters are Robert and Vicki Dillard.

My daughter’s name is Lainey Micah Bell. She was stolen illegally and unlawfully in April 2018. Because I called the adopter out on her abusive behavior back in 2014, she decided to retaliate and further cause me and my daughter harm. She has lined pockets and bribed people to commit crimes in the CPS case where my daughter was not only taken in violation of the law, but was unlawfully kept, and sold to a same-sex couple, an arrangment that is a violation of God's laws. Many people stood to gain either by hurting me and my daughter's father, by self-seeking gain, or they stood to gain financially from the deal. I have evidence for all of the fraud committed in the case. We did not abuse or abandon our daughter. CPS and attorneys could not even articulate what I did or Kevin (Lainey's father) did specific to the case or that aligned with the statute. They could not cite any offense specifically. They literally carried this out in a criminal manner. Judges, attorneys, the people who have control over her now, the mother adopter I was given to, a therapist who made private deals (she was not being funded by my daughter's insurance - very illegal), school officials (note: one of the adopters of my daughter was a teacher at the school who abused her position to make deals with other school officials). 

Vicki Dillard - The "mother" adopter, abuser, that lined pockets

Pennye West - The therapist who accepted bribes to lie and create "Therapy Notes" that CPS used in violation of the law (Sulphur Springs, Texas)

Jennifer and Amanda Garriga - Abused their professional positions to steal my daughter, made private deals with their friend and therapist, Pennye West, to exploit my daughter (Yantis, Texas)

Kandi Pendleton - CPS worker who stole my child, falsified statements in affidavit (perjury), without a court order, in violation of the law (Brownwood/Ballinger, Texas)

Karonda Slay - CPS Worker who fabricated false needs in family service plan, falsified statements, abused our daughter, and who committed perjury on the stand. This individual is very responsible for this even being allowed to continue. She is a tyrant who has no business working anywhere near children. She is a sellout. (Lubbock, Texas)

Vecelia Mann - Supervisor of Karonda Slay who allowed crimes to continue against me and my daughter. She wrote false statements on paperwork and did not follow the law with regard to how CPS cases are to move along. She is a sellout. (Lubbock, Texas)

Melissa Simpson - The "child" attorney who violated her position to exploit our daughter. We confronted her and told her she sold her soul. In laughter, this woman agreed and then began flirting heavily with the court officer. These individuals are very sick and evil. This woman exploits children. (Lubbock, Texas)