On June 16, 2020, I formally entered my withdrawal from belief, participation, and consent from the adoption arrangment I was subjected to as a child as a Declaration of Truth. I have reunited with my family and dissolved all ties with the living adopter and the adopter's family. Adoption cannot exist without the belief, participation, and consent from the one subjected to adoption. Adoption is nothing more than a social experiment. It does not exist as fact.

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This is the text from that Declaration of Truth:

Case No. AD13472

In re: Adoption
Traci Lashawna, Golden,
Child subjected to adoption 318th District Court
Midland County, Texas
Declaration of Truth

Declaration of Truth

I, Traci Lashawna, Golden, being of sound mind, over the age of 21 years, competent, and having firsthand knowledge of the facts stated herein, do hereby tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and herein declare as follows…

I, Traci Lashawna, Golden, am the living woman who was the child born alive and who is named in the adoption suit with the case number AD13472. This case was processed through the Midland County Court of Midland County, Texas. Judge Hyde signed the order that landed me into the home of Robert Elmer and Vicki Jo Dillard in 1981.

My mother’s name is Billie Leigh, Denton, and she died in 2001. I reunited with my mother in 1999. According to my mother and according to the “Date of Birth” on the copy of the original and true birth certificate, I took my first breath on May 17, 1980. According to the adoption papers I read and according to my mother, I was not given up for adoption.

The following are truths that I hold to be self-evident:

1. Adoption is an arrangement that creates a fictional family relationship that can only exist and survive through the coerced belief and participation of the child born alive, subjected to the adoption, and forced into assuming a false name and false identity.

2. The presumed purpose of the Birth Certificate is to provide a record of birth and the facts of that birth. The amended Birth Certificate is a counterfeit and a fraud. The child named on the amended Birth Certificate is Traci Leigh Dillard, was never born, as the amended Birth Certificate lacks a doctor or midwife signature, and the fact that these names are altered makes it a fact that these are not the true birth facts for the living child. Traci Leigh Dillard is a fiction that was created by the STATE OF TEXAS. Yet, the birth number of Traci Lashawna, Golden is transferred to the amended birth certificate containing false facts. Traci Lashawna, Golden is the name of the child born alive, and is therefore my only true name.

3. My belief, participation, and consent are withdrawn from this fictional arrangement. That fact is that Robert and Vicki Dillard are not my parents. Assuming the name Traci Leigh Dillard for most of my life was done in error, through coercion and through no fault of my own.

This adoption was ordered under the guise of my “best interest” and I declare that this fictional family arrangement was not in my best interest, but it did cause me psychological, physical, and spiritual harm. You put me into the home with strangers who had no business raising me and who were unfit to raise me. These courts tend to equate social status with parental fitness, and this is a mistake. I don’t recall ever being asked how the adoption was working out after you put me in this home.

This court put me into a home with violent alcoholics. Robert was an open atheist. The only mentioning of God by Robert or Vicki in the household was when God’s name was cursed. Pornography was left out like home décor. Robert and Vicki got intoxicated nightly and often had very violent and bloody fights. Vicki was the primary aggressor and the fights were typically initiated by her. At the age of 10, I became Vicki’s primary target. The physical attacks progressed to the point where it became normal in the home for me to be physically attacked, hit, have my hair pulled, and called vile names. You did not replace my mother with a woman who assumed the role of a mother. I was Vicki’s punching bag and scapegoat. Vicki was and is to this day a sadist. Vicki was unloving, cold, and cruel towards me my entire life. She raised me to have no sense of self-worth. I was taught that I was inherently bad. The woman who signed up to play mother has gone out of her way to destroy my life to this very day. I was exploited as a small child to fulfill their needs and then later exploited to make them feel better about themselves. Vicki has slandered me, initiated smear campaigns, and created false stories to family and friends. Vicki has done things to me that are so unconscionable that I will not repeat them on this Declaration. I was kicked out of the home at the age of 16 and then reported as a runaway. I was sent into the world with no self-esteem, no boundaries, and no life skills.

In 1994, a school counselor called CPS after I showed up at school with a swollen and bruised cheek after Robert hit me. According to the CPS records, the result of this CPS investigation was a Reason to Believe for Physical Abuse. Despite this finding, I was left in the home. The punishment inflicted on me by Vicki because of this CPS visit was life altering and makes for a separate testimony entirely.

This adoption arrangement violates God’s commandments and is therefore a violation of my spiritual beliefs protected by the Texas Constitution.

The laws of God, the Father, are superior to the corporate statutes of the STATE OF TEXAS.

1) “You shall have no other God’s before me.” It is God, the Father, that determined who my mother and father are. The STATE OF TEXAS usurped God’s authority to suggest otherwise by ordering the relationship as fact. It was my mother and father that named me, and the name they gave me is the name of the living woman. The false name is the name of the fictional entity that was not born alive, and I will not assume the role of a fiction.
2) “Honor your mother and father.” The very act of adoption is a violation of this commandment. I can affirm that I was raised to have an unfounded low opinion of my mother and father and to have an unearned sense of loyalty to the adopters. The STATE OF TEXAS and the adopters caused me to dishonor my mother and father by defrauding me into calling Robert and Vicki Dillard my father and mother as if it were fact.
3) “You shall not steal.” An employee of the STATE OF TEXAS stole me.
4) “You shall not bear false witness.” The State Registrar bore false witness when the Registrar affixed his or her signature to the amended birth certificate, certifying false facts as true. Amended birth certificates are a counterfeit. This fact is self-evident.
5) “You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.” The child welfare and adoption industry is covetous by nature. The adopters coveted me. I did not belong to them.

I am hereby declaring that this adoption is void on its face for fraud, for lack of my consent, participation, and belief. I am declaring that I will not be forced to assume a false name any longer. I am declaring that this fictional relationship is exposed for what it is and is now dissolved.

Autographed by hand and with all rights reserved on June 16, 2020:


Traci Lashawna, Golden