This case was rigged from the beginning and it is important to elaborate on this point by introducing you to some of the individuals involved, people who were considered “family.” My daughter was bought and paid for by my adopter, who was my abuser. She is also a former CPS worker, she has a lot of money, and she is shameless about how she wields power with this money. She plays a significant role in this story because she paid for and influenced my daughter’s exploitation and fraudulent adoption in this case. Anyone who has dealt with or been abused by a sociopath or a sadist knows that these people are wired differently. They are motivated by their desire to inflict pain. CPS, judges, therapists, and attorneys do not hesitate to make “private deals.” I have evidence that the therapist in this case was being funded privately and illegally.

Please take a moment to read the Declaration I filed into the Court of Adoption to get an idea of what my experience has been with this woman. It will shine some light on the situation as it relates to my daughter.

Not only did the Affidavit filed by CPS lack evidence of abuse or neglect, the first judge in this case had a duty to order our daughter to be returned to the father while I was in the hospital. CPS presented no evidence to show that he was unfit, and the case was initiated by a false report. The only thing they had on me early in the case were assumptions of mental health issues. These assumptions were discredited with reports by licensed professionals early in the case.

The 1/2 Sister - Illegal Placement With "Kin" Not Actively Involved In Lainey's Life

Another individual significant in this case is Jennifer, my daughter’s ½ sister. CPS illegally placed my daughter with Jennifer. Jennifer lives 400 miles away from where we live. Jennifer is the oldest daughter of Kevin. Kevin and I met about 10 years after Kevin and Jennifer’s mother divorced. From the time Kevin and I got into a relationship, Jennifer had serious problems with it. Her behavior was very childish. When I got pregnant with Lainey, she was furious. During my pregnancy, she would call Kevin in the middle of the night, drunk and slurring, making no sense. It was about this time that Jennifer began dating women. This is significant to our case. When Lainey was born, her brother sent Jennifer a text with a photo of Lainey. Jennifer’s response was “fuck you.” Jennifer refused to meet Lainey for 3 ½ years and it was at this time that I met Jennifer for the first time. Of course, she was on her best behavior at that time and I had figured she had grown up. The only other thing that had changed about Jennifer was her relationship. She had gotten involved with a new woman, Amanda, a teacher. Amanda was very stand-offish from the time we met her. Jennifer was not actively involved in Lainey’s life even after this meeting. The only time my daughter spent with Jennifer was in 2015, when we let Lainey stay with her and Amanda after Kevin had a mini-stroke. At this time, Jennifer and Amanda acted bizarre and attempted to keep me and Kevin from taking Lainey home. The sheriff had to verbally force Jennifer to release Lainey to us. The next day, after we were back in Lubbock, Jennifer and Amanda called in false reports to CPS. CPS visited us and immediately ruled out the report. It was at this time that my adopter made contact with Jennifer.

Manipulative people are crafty about finding accomplices that help to fulfill their agenda. This adopter has done things like this my entire life. She would befriend my old friends from high school or find ways to connect with people in my life that she otherwise was not involved with.

After Kevin’s daughter, Jennifer found out that CPS had taken Lainey, she called the caseworker and managed to convince the caseworker to send Lainey to her house. This was done over my objection and over my own daughter’s begging not to be sent to Jennifer’s home. They defied legislation that is written to keep them in check, and this is no different than a child trafficker selling a child to the highest bidder.

My daughter begged and cried not to go to Jennifer and Amanda's house, as you can see in the heartbreaking notes written by the CPS worker who sent her to their house, illegally:


Violation of 475(5)(A) of Title IV Social Security Act and CPS Policy 4114.5

According to CPS Policy 4114.5 and 475(5)(A) of Title IV of the Social Security Act, “When the child’s permanency goal is reunification, the caseworker must generally place the child in close proximity to the parent’s home.” 400 miles away is not close and CPS’ goal was reunification, despite they fact that they didn’t have legal authority to take my daughter in the first place.

I found out after the case was closed that this placement of my daughter with Jennifer and Amanda was not even done legally. CPS wrote in their report that a court ordered this placement on April 16, 2018. The Court order for April 16, 2018 did not order the placement of my daughter with Jennifer and Amanda.

False Statement by CPS in their Investigation Report (that the judge ordered placement with Jennifer):

investigation report placement

The Court Order From April 17, 2018 Showing The Judge Did Not Order This Placement>

They violated the law throughout this entire case. All of these issues were raised as soon as they were found out and in this case, even the appellate court was aware of them. They avoided addressing them. This system is broken. These CPS workers, the attorneys, the judges, CASA, etc., have no moral compass or self-restraint. They are morally corrupt and motivated by greed.

Jennifer is a nurse. Both Jennifer and Amanda (teacher) abused their professional positions to entice others to break the law in their pursuit of my daughter. They made private deals with a therapist illegally and in violation of the therapist’s code of ethics. Therapists are not supposed to make deals like this with friends and they certainly are not supposed to conduct therapy on children in CPS custody without being paid and monitored by the state Medicaid system.

Four days before the final hearing, I found out that the therapist, Pennye West, was not even paid by my daughter's Medicaid. Not only was it illegal for this therapist to do this, CPS, CASA, the attorneys, etc., were all relying on the therapist's vague recommendations that Lainey stay with Jennifer and Amanda. This therapist did not even cite issues relevant to my daughter's well-being. It was completely one-sided and incompetent. This falls into bribery and child exploitation. Based on my research, this therapist has a history and reputation for taking bribes in child custody cases. There's a special place in hell for this individual.

Click here to see the evidence I filed showing this therapist was not paid by Medicaid>