The injustice I am going to discuss is common and occurs in most, if not all cases where CPS has taken children when no crime has been committed. We do not need more laws. CPS, the Courts, law enforcement, and government officials in general are not following the laws in place. The system is broken and has become fueled by greed. In sharing this story, I will do my best to keep emotion out of it and stick to the facts. The psychological abuse and trauma has made this difficult to process and emotions tend to come out.

5andup 6On April 4, 2018, CPS illegally took my daughter, Lainey, after I was admitted to the hospital for a medical emergency. Lainey’s father, Kevin, lived about three hours away from us at that time. The Ballinger Police Department in Texas called CPS and reported a false allegation to initiate CPS involvement. They alleged that I "tossed" my daughter out of a window. This allegation came out of nowhere and was immediately disproven. To this day, CPS has refused to allow me to listen to the audio of the call to CPS. I believe CPS intake inserted the allegation to justify their visit. This allegation was discredited by the CPS worker herself when she interviewed my daughter and when she saw that my daughter did not have any injuries to substantiate this allegation. I later proved that this allegation was false because the officer alleged to have made the false report was also the officer who wrote the police report and it did not match the CPS report. Tossing my daughter out of the window that they are referring to would have been physically impossible. I did not find out for a year and half that the officer alleged to have made this false report was also fired the day after my daughter was taken. They had to insert a false report to get CPS involved because the circumstances did not warrant CPS involvement. I've found that this insertion of a false physical abuse allegation is common practice for many cases. To this day, CPS has failed to articulate a specific act committed by me or Kevin that consists of child abuse or neglect. They've merely cited neglect statutes without including facts specific to the case. I do not care if it is government or a cartel kidnapping a child, it is a crime! This case got very complex over time, with estranged family members seeking to take and keep my daughter for their own self-interest. I have put out videos about how children are easily sold when there is a buyer and in this case, there were buyers.

CPS Worker, Kandi Pendleton Coulter, Kidnaps My Daughter - Defies the Law

CPS Worker, Kandi Pendleton, of Brownwood, Texas responded to the false allegation on April 4, 2018. Despite it being obvious that the allegation was false, Kandi took my daughter without a court order and without the existence of an emergency, early on a weekday, when there was plenty of time to seek a court order. The initial presumption was drug use and mental illness. However, both of these assumptions were later discredited. I had been poisoned and had visual hallucinations; something that was an isolated incident and that I had never experienced before. Rather than acting honestly and ethically when they had the evidence, CPS employees went out of their way to continue to perpetrate a lie.

False Statements In a Court Affidavit To Commit Kidnapping - Violation of Many Laws

Ms. Pendleton falsified statements in her affidavit, citing that Kevin did not have money or transportation to get to his daughter. This was a false statement. Statements in the Investigation Report contradicted what she said in the affidavit. In her investigation report, Kandi stated that Kevin mentioned getting a bus. A little side note to this is that Kevin’s car was at my house. He had to either get a bus or get a ride from a friend, which was not difficult for him. Kandi gave him no time to get to our daughter. The notion that he was without money is also false, as he worked full time and had money. Kandi also stated on the affidavit that my daughter was without care. This was another lie. Again, her own investigation report notes conflict with this statement. My daughter was in the care of my neighbors until her father could get there. It was stated in the caseworker’s notes and in the police report that the neighbors expressed that they were happy to keep her until things were sorted out. Rather than acting reasonably by leaving my daughter where she was and allowing her father to get to her, this caseworker took my daughter and dropped her off in a group home within two hours of arriving, despite the lack of an emergency and with no evidence of abuse or neglect. This caseworker did not have the legal authority to do what she did, and I will outline how she acted in defiance of the law rather than in accordance with the law.

  • It goes without saying that false child abuse reports are a crime. See Texas Family Code Sec. 261.107. FALSE REPORT; CRIMINAL PENALTY; CIVIL PENALTY
  • According to Texas Family Code Sec. 262.104, CPS workers do not have the legal authority to just take peoples’ children away absent an emergency or a court order. That is exactly what this caseworker did and she had plenty of time to seek a court order between going back and forth from the hospital to my neighbors, after defying hospital advice when she was told not to speak to me. This same law also states that they must seek a court order if there is time to do so. She relied on her statements that my daughter would be without care and that Kevin could not get to our daughter. She did not cite an emergency. She also did not make any attempt to get Lainey to her father after dumping her off in a group home.
  • According to the Texas CPS Policy 4114.11, Noncustodial parents are generally entitled to have a child placed with them, since they have constitutional protections involving the parent’s relationship with the child. The caseworker must: contact each noncustodial parent to discuss possible placement; and assess the safety and appropriateness of placement by conducting CPS and criminal background checks and making a home visit. A formal or contracted home assessment is not necessary and should not be used to make this determination. To this day, CPS has not furnished anything citing how Kevin, the father, was unfit or unsafe. There was not so much as a finding against him. There are also policies regarding the requirement to schedule visits within the first few days of removing children. CPS did not do this either.

After taking our daughter, Kandi Pendleton ignored Kevin’s calls, concealed the whereabouts of our daughter, and made no effort to get our daughter to her father while I was in the hospital. The day after my daughter was taken, a CPS worker in Lubbock visited Kevin. In good faith, Kevin took and passed a drug test. This caseworker told Kevin she would follow up about our daughter and he never heard back from her. By law, they had a duty to get our daughter to him.

After my daughter was taken, the police harassed and stalked me. After I gathered all the records, it appears that they were trying to cover up their own liability. The situation essentially snowballed. This was a story to itself entirely. Please see Police Misconduct in Ballinger, Texas to read about how law enforcement conspired and committed many crimes.