Introduction & Summary

This log of events and report is quite complex but in a nutshell, I moved to the small town of Ballinger, dropped quite a bit of money in the town, and had an isolated incident occur. A man I made the mistake of allowing into my home poisoned me. When I called for help to get him away, the police did nothing and due to the effects of this poisoning, I had a medical emergency. The Ballinger Police Department took this as an opportunity to call CPS and report false child abuse allegations, harass and stalk me, steal my property, and much more. My entire life was flipped upside down by the Ballinger Police Department and their minions. In all my life, I have never witnessed or experienced corruption of this magnitude. I did not have a negative perception of law enforcement until my experience with Ballinger Police Department and other agencies that conspired with them. Since this experience, I have seen that the corruption is growing everywhere in this country and I believe it is crucial that we expose it.

On April 4, 2018, my daughter was taken by Child Protective Services after Ballinger Police Officer Robert Garcia called CPS and reported a false allegation, that I "tossed" my daughter out of a window; an allegation that seemed to come out of thin air. This allegation was discredited by the CPS worker herself. This allegation was inserted for the sole reason of kidnapping for profit, something CPS with the assistance of law enforcement is notorious for these days. Even though this allegation was discredited, they still took my daughter and have her to this day and yet they never justified their actions. They did not articulate what I did to harm my daughter. Just days after my daughter was taken, I was severely targeted and harassed by Ballinger Police Department. The even involved members of their community in the harassment. I am sharing my story to expose what happened with a detailed record of everything that transpired.

On June 4, 2019 I submitted complaints against Ballinger Police Chief Stanley Maresch and against several officers. The misconduct consisted of the false child abuse report, false trespass citation, illegal traffic stop and theft of my property, harassment, falsifying statements, and tampering with and altering records. When I learned that a Runnels County Sheriff Deputy was involved in the illegal traffic stop and theft of property, I submitted a complaint against him. The Sheriff did not provide me with a formal outcome but instead an unethical response and concocted records after completely denying the existence of a record. He only produced fabricated records after his deputy was implicated by another state agency. These department officials stooped to a new low by presenting elaborate stories. However, they attempted to conceal all involvement until they were caught.

The City of Ballinger and Police Department took seven months to provide an answer to these complaints. Not to my surprise, they were all ruled unsubstantiated. Apparently, the City of Ballinger does not realize it is a conflict of interest to have their attorney investigate complaints against the Chief. He is the Chief’s attorney and not an investigator. This City Attorney, Pat Chesser, shows why he is not fit to investigate misconduct complaints in a text message exchange that took place in December 2019. To see this text exchange, click here>. The Chief sent responses to all complaints except for the Complaint against Robert Garcia for falsifying child abuse allegations. 

I have literally caught Ballinger Police Department altering, omitting, and falsifying records. I've caught Runnels County Sheriff's and Winters Police Department conspiring to cover up Ballinger Police Department's actions. If you can digest everything in this documentation, you'll see exactly what I mean. Their only defense is to use nearly every logical fallacy available. These officers are communists. They are crooks. They've been trained in psychological tactics against the people they are sworn to serve and protect. This entire city has become corrupt. Corruption and greed festers and grows. It is backfiring now. 


In late March 2018, my daughter went to spend a week with her cousin for Easter break. I went out one of these nights to have a couple of drinks. Unfortunately, while out, I met a man who drugged me with what a doctor later said seemed like bath salts based on the symptoms. I experienced visual hallucinations. A couple of days later my daughter came home. I thought the hallucinations had subsided but the morning after she was home, I thought I saw someone attempting to break into my home. I took my daughter next door and asked the neighbors to call the police. The police escorted me to the hospital. My daughter was not abused or neglected. I did what I was supposed to do by seeking help.

Because of the slander by the police and CPS throughout the last year and a half, I also want to add that I was not a drug addict, nor did I have any mental illness that caused these hallucinations. I mention this because the assumption of mental illness was continued by CPS despite evidence that this was not the case. The mental illness presumption is important when considering the intention of the police department. I was released from the hospital three days after I was admitted and was cleared of any symptoms, with the final diagnosis being "drug induced psychosis." However, the police did not know this, and they did not know that the hallucinations were not caused by mental health issues. Everything they did easily points to a motive to cause a psychotic episode by interfering with my medical needs. After learning that the police officer who falsified allegations was fired the day after the allegation, it shows why they would want to initiate an episode to incriminate me in order to absolve themselves. I did not experience any more symptoms after I was released from the hospital. My daughter rarely ever left my side and I can count on one hand how many times I ever went out on a date or with friends since she was born. We led a quiet life overall and this was an isolated incident. We had just bought a home in Ballinger in February 2018.

1. False Child Abuse Allegation Report by Ballinger Police Officer Robert Garcia | April 4, 2018

On April 4, 2018, I took my daughter, Lainey, next door after I thought I saw intruders trying to break into my home. After police arrived, I realized that something was wrong with me. Police escorted me to the hospital where I was transported to a larger medical hospital, Scenic Mountain, in Big Spring, Texas, for assessment and treatment. Prior to going to the hospital, my neighbors agreed to care for Lainey until Lainey’s father (Kevin) could get to Ballinger from Lubbock, a three-hour drive. CPS did not give Kevin any time to get to his daughter when they took her without a court order and absent an emergency or imminent danger.

a. Proof That the Allegation Was False

According to the police report, Ballinger Police Officer Robert Garcia called CPS. In the CPS Intake Report, Robert Garcia alleged that I “tossed” my daughter out of a window. For several months, I assumed CPS inserted this false allegation because this did not match what Officer Garcia wrote in the Police Report. The HHS Office of the Inspector General released their Investigation Report, showing that the individual who reported the false allegation was Ballinger Police Officer Robert Garcia. The police report was written after the CPS call, showing Officer Garcia knowingly falsified child abuse allegations. I confirm that I did not “toss” my daughter out of a window and my daughter denied that I tossed her out of a window. I climbed onto the toilet, climbed out of the window, and then assisted my daughter when she exited the window in the same way. The size of the window makes this allegation look ridiculous. The window was opened, not broken (as CPS reported). In order report such an allegation, the officer would have had to witness me tossing my daughter out of the window firsthand and nobody was there except for me and my daughter when we exited the window. This false allegation was inserted in order to initiate contact by CPS into our lives. The allegation was quickly discredited, by me, by my daughter, and the CPS worker but this was the allegation required for CPS to visit. Without this false allegation CPS had no criteria to interfere in our lives.

b. Officer Was Fired a Day After False Allegation Made (and this fact was concealed for 1 1/2 years)

After a three month delay and Public Information Act violation by the City Attorney Pat Chesser and Chief of Police Stanley Maresch, they finally furnished Employment Records in December 2019 confirming liability for the false child abuse allegation. Officer Robert Garcia was fired a day after reporting a false child abuse allegation. While the employment record does not specify that he was fired, a Youtube Video of a City Council Meeting held on May 7, 2018 shows that 33:46 into the video, the Chief of Police announces the police activity and he says they "had to let Robert Garcia go." Typically, "letting an officer go," means the officer was fired. My personal belief is that Officer Garcia was let go because he refused to lie. However, the Police and CPS seem to be throwing Officer Garcia under the bus.

c. Ballinger Police Department Did Not Correct This False Allegation

Despite the evidence that the allegation was false and despite this officer being fired, the Chief did nothing to correct the record regarding the false allegation. This allegation appears to have been a collaborated effort by the Ballinger Police and Child Protective Services in order to procure funding illegally for the State of Texas.

2. False Statements Made by Ballinger Police Sergeant Chris Sargent to CPS | April 4, 2018

In the CPS Investigation Report Ballinger Police Sergeant Chris Sargent alleged that they [police] had been out to my residence four times due to my hallucinations prior to April 4, 2018. When records were requested, the Ballinger Police Department was unable to produce any records to substantiate this claim by Chris Sargent. If there were calls to my residence four times prior to April 4, 2018 over hallucinations, there would be call sheets. There was a call to remove the man who drugged me from my home and the police did nothing to help. This was the only call to my home prior to April 4, 2018.

In this Original Complaint and Response by Ballinger Police Department, Chris Sargent's excuse is that he doesn't recall saying how many times the police were called out to my residence but that it had been multiple times. This was also a false statement. Again, the ONLY call sheet was for when law enforcement was called to get the man off my property, not a call over my hallucinations. Chris Sargent alleges that because there were no criminal charges, that no police reports would exist. However, if law enforcement was "called" there would be call sheets. The Chief who investigated this complaint marked the complaint as unsubstantiated despite the evidence that Chris Sargent lied to CPS. Ruling this complaint as unsubstantiated is blatant retaliation and clear sign of incompetence. It is morally repugnant for a police officer, especially a sergeant to falsify statements in order to paint a false narrative and slander someone to take their child. On the last page of Chris Sargent's Rebuttal, he concludes with slander and false statements regarding our email correspondence. Mr. Sargent states that "the remainder of Ms. Dillard's statement does not raise any other specific issue other than to question my personal and professional integrity and professionalism. I chose not to directly address or substantiate in any way such false, baseless, or incoherent ramblings." The email he is referring to can be seen here. You can be the judge on whether his assessment of how I communicated with him is accurate. 

3. False Trespass Citation | April 11, 2018

a. What happened

To this day, I am floored at the level Ballinger Police Department and Walmart staff stooped. It is hard to wrap my head around how any of these people could do what they did. The Ballinger Police Department went out of their way to entice a Walmart Pharmacist into interfering with my medication. This Pharmacist's actions were illegal. I had two prescriptions transferred from HEB in San Angelo to Walmart in Ballinger. These are medications I had been on for three years and sudden discontinuance from the medication was dangerous. But, based on their actions, I believe they assumed I took medication to control psychosis, which was not the case. Prior to going to Walmart, I called the Walmart Pharmacy to ask if my medications were ready. I was politely told that they were ready and to come on in. As soon as I arrived at the Walmart Pharmacy counter, the Pharmacist, Amy Fischer told me that she had deleted my prescriptions. I asked what the problem was. Amy Fischer said that the doctor did not approve the prescriptions. This was false. I told Amy Fischer that there must be a mistake because the transferred medications were refills. I asked Amy Fischer to call the doctor. Amy Fischer refused. Within only a few minutes of entering Walmart and during this exchange, Ballinger Police Officer Justin Amaro approached me and asked me to go outside with him. I followed Officer Amaro outside and he issued me a trespass citation. I left the Walmart calmly. At no time did I act irate or out of control as they insinuated. This was a false Trespass Citation at Walmart; a collaborated effort by the Ballinger Police Department. This was extreme abuse of power.

b. Evidence of Conspiracy

The fact that the Chief of Police omitted any record of this trespass (call sheet, citation, police report) from a court subpoena and the fact that the prescriptions were illegally deactivated by this pharmacist shows a conspired effort to harass and interfere with my medication. Amy Fischer lied to the officer, alleging on the report that I cursed at her when I arrived at the pharmacy and that this was the reason Amy Fischer refused service. This fabrication is unrealistic considering I was there to pick up medication immediately after calling and being told my medicine was ready to pick up. Ballinger Police Officer Justin Amaro noted on the Trespass Report that I told him this same thing. Pharmacists only have the authority to refuse to fill. They do not have the authority to all-out delete prescriptions and this is what this pharmacist did. 

c. Complaint Against Ballinger Police Officer Justin Amaro, Officer Amaro's Answer, and How His Credibility is Shot

The Answer to the Complaint by Justin Amaro shows a changed story from the Trespass Report he wrote. In the Trespass Report,  Justin Amaro insinuated that the Pharmacist refused service because I cursed at her. I did not use foul language at any time. I did not so much as raise my voice while in Walmart. Justin Amaro did not report that I appeared irate in his report. However, he details a completely different narrative in his answer to the complaint, alleging that many people observed me acting irate, pacing the floor, and that the prescription was an out of date prescription but he then changes his story to say it was an "April 15th" prescription. He fabricated a narrative where he informed me of the date issue. This was never the issue. This Record of Medication from HEB discredits both narratives, as it shows that the medicine was very current and that it was due to be filled April 3, 2018, not April 15th. So, if Justin Amaro and the Pharmacist allege that the medication was out of date, they are lying. Out of date would mean expired. By saying it was an "April 15" medicine, that means it would be not due yet. Both narratives fall apart when you see the facts.

d. Evidence That the Pharmacist Broke The Law

If Pharmacist Amy Fischer declared that she refused service because I was irate or used foul language, then I would have merely been trespassed with the medications still in their system. However, when I called HEB to have those same medications transferred back to HEB, they could not transfer them because according to both Walmart and HEB, these medications had been "deleted" by Walmart. When I retrieved Records from the Walmart Corporate Office, this Prescription Record for the Ballinger Walmart Pharmacy clearly shows there is no record showing any medicine. Even if the medicine had been allowed to linger in the system until they expired, they would have record showing the medications with the status being "expired." On the full records, any other Walmart shows medicine history, for past and current medications. 

4. Complaint Against Chief Stanley Maresch and Office Manager Martha Speckels For Tampering With and Altering Records

a. How Records Were Tampered with and Altered

On December 15, 2018, I submitted a Public Information Act Request to Ballinger Police Department, requesting all police records and call sheet records that involved me. In response, I was sent 17 pages worth of records. In these records, I received the Trespass call sheet and the Trespass Police Report. In the CPS case, the Lubbock County Court requested all records from the Ballinger Police Department involving me. Ballinger Police Department altered and omitted records from the information they provided Lubbock County Court and provided the Court with records that were not provided to me. Chief Maresch omitted any record, including the call sheet and the trespass report, from the information provided to the Court. The Chief presented the Court with a suspicious Call Sheet on the same date of the trespass to the Court for a call with the caller’s name scribbled out and showing to be two minutes after the trespass was marked “closed.” This call sheet was not included in the records I received. What's odd here is that the caller knew my full name and reported that I was driving all over the road across from a restaurant that was across town from Walmart. This drive alone would have taken more than two minutes due to the stop lights between Walmart and this restaurant. What's more suspicious is that this individual, who appears to be "Ashley," is the same name as the caller on the Walmart Trespass Call Sheet. This supposed caller would not have known my full name when I was very new to this town and knew very few people. Again, I was not intoxicated or aggressive at all. They are painting a false narrative and depicting me in a way that is out of character for me. I was beat down and passive at the time. I wasn't on drugs or drunk, and I was mentally stable. I even took five drug tests after I got out of the hospital, all were negative for drugs and alcohol. Chief Maresch provided the Court with a total of four call sheets that were not given to me when I requested records. 

b. Police Complaint, Police Response to The Complaint, and How Their Story Fails

In this Original Complaint and Police Response, you'll notice how Office Manager Martha Speckels sums up the omission and alterations to being little clerical errors. She claims she must have just missed the call sheets when producing records. Clearly, she and Chief Maresch are incompetent if they do not grasp the importance and liability of Court Subpoenas or Public Information Requests. However, her story falls apart when you consider the fact that both the Trespass Report and the Call Sheet to this report were both omitted from the Court Subpoena records. Despite Martha Speckel's incompetence, all liability falls on the Chief because he is the Custodian of Records, not Martha Speckels. Martha Speckels briefly says how these records would have painted me in a negative light, as if they did me a favor. With all due respect, this Police Department was going out of their way to incriminate me and any insinuation that this was a favor to me is ridiculous, because I did absolutely nothing wrong to be trespassed from Walmart. They knew this trespass was bogus and they were trying to remove this record for their own liability.

5. Illegal Traffic Stop by Runnels County Sheriff Deputy Clemente Mata and Ballinger Police Officer Justin Amaro

a. Another Attempt to Get My Medication

On April 12, 2018, just one day after the Walmart incident, I spoke to an employee of MHMR, who invited me to come in. When I was released from the hospital on April 7, 2018, the doctor there wrote prescriptions for the medication I was already on. For some reason, MHMR intercepted the prescriptions and told me they would get them filled. I was not an MHMR client but due to the initial presumption that the issue was due to mental illness, they became involved when I was admitted to the hospital. Since my medication was interfered with at Walmart the day before, I called and asked MHMR if they had the medicine ready yet. So, when the lady at MHMR invited me in, I got in my car and drove to Winters, about 15 miles north of Ballinger, where the regional MHMR was located. When I got to Winters, I called the MHMR to get specific directions and the same lady I had just spoken to told me that they could no longer get me in. I found it odd then and still that this lady would let me drive all the way over to Winters rather than call me to let me know. Considering what happened just the day before, I was very confused. I left to go back home. 

b. Illegal Traffic Stop and Impounding My Car

On my way home from Winters, Texas, I was pulled over by Ballinger Police Officer Justin Amaro (same officer from trespass incident) and Runnels County Sheriff Deputy Clemente Mata. Without a warning, citation, or explanation, these two officers had my car impounded. On the Impound Receipt, the reason is “Arrest.” I was not arrested. They took me home and did not tell me why they had my automobile impounded. I had to cash in my home insurance to get my car out of impound several days later.

c. There Was No Record of This Traffic Stop from Any Law Enforcement Agency in The Area

After requesting information from all law enforcement agencies, in March 2019, I learned that there was no record with any of the law enforcement agencies of this traffic stop or impound. Ballinger Police Department wrote in an email that the traffic stop record was with the Winters Police Department. However, when I submitted a Public Information Act Request to Winters Police Department, the Winters Police Chief provided This Letter, saying they had no record of this stop or any contact with me. I did not find out the name of the Runnels Sheriff’s Deputy until December 2019 when the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation provided me with their investigation report, showing that Deputy Mata signed the Impound Report. However, when I submitted a Public Information Request to Runnels County Sheriff’s Department in April 2019, they had no record of the stop either. 

d. The Actions by The Police Point to Attempt To Interfere With My Medical Needs

When you combine this incident with the April 11, 2018 incident, I believe that the intent speaks for itself. What also stands out on this day is a Call Sheet from a woman named “Patsy” at MHMR calling police at about 1:30, which was only an hour after my car was impounded. After I accessed the records and contacted MHMR in 2019, I was informed that there was not a woman named Patsy that worked at MHMR currently or on April 12, 2018.

e. Original Complaint Against Justin Amaro, His Answer and Denial, and His Loss of Credibility

In the Original Complaint With Response to The Complaint, Justin Amaro completely denies being at this traffic stop. Justin Amaro's Schedule on April 12, 2018 does not show him to be at any other call at the time I was pulled over. He alleges that he overheard Runnels County Sheriff's Department and Winters Police Department attempting to conduct a traffic stop. However, his credibility is shot here because Winters Police Chief denied that they had any contact with me in this Statement and the Runnels County Sheriff also denied any contact with me on this date. In this response, Justin Amaro fabricated an elaborate story depicting that these officers chased me for nearly five miles. Anyone with half a brain knows that if I had led the police on a five-mile chase, I would have been arrested. Mr. Amaro and other officers use very degrading language in their responses to these complaints which is unethical. His statements are slanderous and factually inaccurate. Justin Amaro is the officer the Ballinger Police Department has appointed a K9 dog to. I think this should worry anyone in that proximity that is concerned about their safety, rights, and freedom.

d. Complaint Against Runnels County Sheriff Deputy Clemente Mata

In mid-2019, I submitted a complaint to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for the illegal impounding of my car. In the later part of 2019, I received a follow up and then in December 2019, they provided me with the Investigation Report. My intention for this complaint was to gather information, specifically to find out which other officer was with Justin Amaro during this illegal traffic stop and the theft of my property. 

I want to again clarify that in March 2019, the Runnels County Sheriff Carl Squyers answered a Public Information Act Request and he denied that the Runnels County Sheriff’s Department had any contact with me on April 12, 2018. If I had not received the Investigation Report from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation showing the Impound Report with Deputy Mata's signature on it, I would have never known.

On December 17, 2019, I submitted a Complaint Against Deputy Mata to Sheriff Squyers. After asking the status of this complaint, Sheriff Squyers notified me on January 23, 2019 that he was sending the 911 calls, radio traffic, in car video, and his response to me in the mail. They are suddenly coughing up records of this when 10 months ago there were no records of this traffic stop. I will update this post when I get this in. Sheriff Squyers had no response when I asked him why he issued a statement before denying any record of this traffic stop and why I was not issued a citation or a warning. 

The Following Are All PDFs Linked In The Text Above:

Robert Garcia

Chris Sargent

Justin Amaro Complaint 1 False Trespass

Chief Stanley Maresch and Martha Speckels

Justin Amaro Complaint 2 and Complaint Against Deputy Clemente Mata For Illegal Traffic Stop

Additional Correspondence and Information:


UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 8, 2020: After denying ANY record of the April 12, 2018 traffic stop when I submitted FOIAs to the Winters Police Department and Runnels County Sheriff's Department, suddenly the Runnels County Sheriff's Department and the Winters Police Department has concocted records.

On January 28, 2020, I received THIS EMAIL from Winters Police Chief Paula Geyer, where she literally assists in further covering up the fact that Ballinger Police Officer Justin Amaro was on the scene by now alleging that one of her officers was involved in this illegal traffic stop. Check out this RECORD she sends. There is nothing on this record showing a valid reason for the stop. This is blatant conspiracy. In March 2019 when I sent this Chief a FOIA for ALL records, not only did the chief state that she checked the records and found nothing, a Winters Police Officer called from a private number within a few days prior to her sending this response and he specifically stated that they had no record of contact with me. None of their stories add up and instead of getting their stories together early on, they did not expect me to do anything further by getting a state agency involved to implicate someone on this illegal traffic stop. Their fabrications alone look very bad. They violated Public Information Act laws in this issue by withholding any record only to later return and create records with the sole purpose of covering up for each other.

On February 2, 2020, I received a CD from the Runnels County Sheriff. This CD contained the sherrif's response to my complaint against Clemente Mata for the illegal traffic stop and violation of my rights protected under the 4th Amendment. Not only is this response an inadequate resolution to the complaint (he did not rule it substantiated or unsubstantiated, it does not contain the original complaint), he falsifies a lot of statements. He attempts to twist a story in a call to dispatch. My reply to his response to this complaint point out his misrepresentations which is blatantly obvious in the audios. The sheriff also points to a narrative in reference to a video. He was supposed to send video records of my interaction with his deputy and all I received on this CD were some audios, his response, and a program folder for a DVR player. There were no files containing any videos and when I notified him of this, he did not respond back. Apparently, his records also do not match the call sheets I received when I requested ALL RECORDS through a FOIA. The Ballinger Police Department sent all call sheets and the audios he sent do not match the call sheet records that I was sent in 2019. These officers further entice members of the community by fabricating a 911 call. I can poke holes in this call throughout. What's most telling is that they still do not cite a reason for the stop but go out of their way to concoct a very elaborate story of how "all over the road" I was and yet, withhold any record of this when I requested information. If they believed their traffic stop was lawful, why would they only release records after the TDLR implicate them? These are liars and they have done such a piss-poor job at getting their lies together that now the official records to not match up. 

I have submitted another FOIA to the Sheriff's Department, requested all significant audios for call sheets I have received and for the video of all interaction for the illegal traffic stop that was supposed to be included in his response. I will update accordingly. 


I have received the audios for specific police calls that took place in April 2018. I requested most of the audios for calls during this time. These calls were very revealing. The calls themselves contain evidence of more tampering with records. They've altered dates on call sheets and the audio recording computer voice for at least one that I am confident about. A call that they've dated March 28, 2018 (I believe they have changed the date on this from March 29, 2018) shows that my neighbor called the police on my behalf to get the individual out of my home that poisoned me. This is when I was being poisoned by the man I had allowed in my home. The police did nothing. I needed medical assistance at that time. I have the call sheet that also contains this individual's name and drivers license number. The police tried to sweep this under the rug as if it didn't exist and as if the individual were never there; perhaps to remove any liability on their part for not making him leave.

The audio for the call from a woman by the name of Ashley on April 11, 2018 (Walmart False Trespass Incident), who appears to be a Walmart employee is in itself direct evidence of a false police report. When I heard the audio for this call from Ashley at Walmart, my jaw dropped. Nothing she said in the call was true. She went out of her way to slander me and fabricate the entire scenario. In the call, she alleged that I tried to "pass forged prescriptions." So, this now accounts for about three to four different stories by police and Walmart employees, none of which are true and none of which add up with the facts in the form of my prescription record. This was a blatant false police report. I then hear Ashley speaking casually with the dispatch in a very creepy way, laughing with an evil snicker. It was clear they were friends. I found this disturbing. Ashley also alleges in the call that I was knocking things off of shelves and irate, and that I called the pharmacist all kinds of "words." These statements are all false. Surveillance cameras would discredit these statements alone. The underlying issue was the pharmacist deleted my prescriptions for no reason and the documentation I have disproves every story they've made up to absolve themselves. It's quite sickening to say the least. Bottom line is - they denied me my medical needs maliciously. I'm awaiting the bodycam footage to show you my demeanor on this day. Surely, if I was irate, I would still be visibly upset during the encounter with the police. I'll update this when I receive the bodycam footage. There are outstanding complaints against the pharmacist, Amy Fischer and Ashley, who I believe works for Walmart. I will post updates on this. To listen to the audio for this call from Ashley at Walmart, watch this video:

As I wrote earlier, the Ballinger Police Department altered records that were given to me and then given to the court in response to a subpoena. When I did a Public Information Act Request in December 2018, they sent me the Trespass Report and Call Sheet. Mysteriously, they omitted any record of this to the court when the court subpoenaed all records in March 2019. But, they threw in a call sheet that I never received from the same day from someone who saw me "all over the road" right after the Walmart incident. It's funny how all of these elaborate (false) stories come out and yet any time I'm on the phone with them, I'm clear and coherent, and I was never apprehended in response to this call either. The woman that called just happened to identify me as the woman who was in Walmart and that I was smoking something that didn't look like a cigarette. By the way, I don't smoke anything other than cigarettes. I hate marijuana. They've engaged members of the community to bear false witness and slander me. This should never be acceptable.

An audio that I know for a fact the date was changed was (according to them) on April 13, 2018 at 5:47 AM. This call is the dispatcher calling me back to tell me to call the chief of police about my keys. My last call prior to this was at 1:00 PM on April 12, 2018. This call that they dated on April 13, 2018 at 5:47 AM is obviously altered because the woman at dispatch called me and most people know that an employee of the police department would not be calling someone at 5:47 AM to simply tell them to call the chief the next day. In the call, I was even restating the events that happened that day, referring to them as happening "earlier today." The Sheriff was trying to insinuate that I was intoxicated on April 12, 2018 and that they did me a favor by illegally stopping me and having my car towed without even reporting that they did so. So, by having this call on the same day it would discredit everything he was insinuating because I was clearly coherent during the call. What's also revealing is that during this call I identified the officer as being the same officer from Walmart (Justin Amaro). Remember, Jusin Amaro pulled me over and he was outside of his jurisdiction by doing so. Ballinger Police Department, Runnels County Sheriff's Department, and Winters Police Department all denied existence of record of this stop (illegal stop and towing my car) but later concocted a record after they were caught by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. So, they had to throw together some stories here. I did not know Justin's name and I just knew it was the same officer that was at Walmart the day before. This is evidence that they conspired to alter records.