Recommended Youtube Channels

We've come across various Youtube Channels over the years that we have learned a lot from and our recommended Youtube Channels are everything from personal stories by others, family and parental rights activists, anti-corruption and copwatch activists, education about the law, and the bigger spiritual fight against evil. We may not agree 100% with all of their views and we encourage you to discern in your own research. If you have a channel with personal stories, get in touch and we will gladly share. Email patriotsaudit [at] 

Our Youtube Channel is Family Under Attack.

Activists For Families, Parental Rights, Exposing CPS, etc

Patrick Glynn



Claudine Dombrowski


Ania Rodriguez

Silent Voices

Personal Stories - Foster Children, Parents, Adopted Children, More

Penny Lane

Faith Brooks

Joel C

Innocence Destroyed


Raising a Mothers Hope


Chunky Raindrop

Invisible People

Nina Persheff

Stacy Slaton

Sylvia Randolph

Anti-Corruption, Cop Watch, and Court Watch Activists

Dying To Live

Masters Report

Texas Rebel

Institute For Justice

Rob P

Reid Henrichs

Cops Breaking The Law

Hijacked Nation

All Thingz Criminal

North Country Off Grid

Learning The Law

the GLOSSA Channel


Exit Babylon

The Spiritual Fight and The Bigger Agenda

Shaking My Head Productions - Main Channel

Shaking My Head Productions 2

Truth Shock TV

Epic Sellouts

MrE Archive Videos

Many Fish

Many Fishers

Become On That Can See